Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review: Unpack Your Tight Hips

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review: Unpack Your Tight Hips

Flexor pain has been a chronic issue affecting my working out for years.

It prevents me from extracting my whole power in a training session.

The pain holds me back from achieving the full strength for the optimal health.

This is probably the first time I encounter such a unique program like this in the Unlock Your Hip Flexors.

Out of the skepticism, I’ve bought it and tested it, and I want to give some words about how it wears my ache away as well as its pros and cons.

Turns out there’s a lot of great reviews about it so I purchased it myself and decided to give you guys my Unlock Your Hip Flexors review.


What is the hip flexor pain?

Hip Flexors

Hip flexors connect around the t12 and down to the lumbar spine and insert to your femur bone, also known as the psoas. They function in concentrically accelerating the hip flexion.

It involves working with the adductors which connect to your pelvis to the femur bone as well. They also help to the lift-up movements.

If your hip flexors ever  get shortened or not functioning right , the adductors will pick up the work.

Even your calves will start pushing off because the hip flexors refuse to perform. Leaving it happening for a certain time, all the involving muscles begin to malfunction.

Hip flexor pain occurs mostly to athletics who work a lot on kicking, stretching or sprinting.

The pain engages in the upper groin region which probably doesn’t seem to be serious, but it feels like a nuisance tightness  that doesn’t go away. 

The shocking reveal…

Do you know that this is the primal muscles that link your upper body with the lower one? The only bridge at the center of your body’s motion.

This is where your strength comes from.

The psoas muscles peak your performance on the daily activities, drop the stubborn fat on your belly, promote your power, increase your sex ability, and refresh your body with energy and vigor.

Once this “mighty survival” muscles get tighten, the consequences will flow through your body. You will  lose the balance  in the training as well as the momentum of your daily routine.

But that’s not all….

What is so bad about that pain?

Well, tight hip flexors are the source of soreness and more problems around it.

Most people may not realize the impact comes from this so-called “hidden muscle” even it brings numerous health issues. Namely:

  • Walking uncomfortably
  • Poor sleep
  • Sluggishness
  • Uncommon posture
  • Nagging joint pain in legs and hips
  • Depression
  • Blood circulation
  • Weaken immune system
  • Intestinal problems
  • Decrease sexual performance
  • Higher chance to get sport injuries

The list can go on with symptoms that won’t appear to be severe but an irritation to your daily life. Especially, if you are a work out person, the pain can turn to a real foe that blocks your way to the gym.

Why your physician didn’t tell you?

Tight hip flexors aren’t that obvious to diagnose.

It is understandable that your therapist is unable to spot it out while other symptoms could reveal to be more extreme.

Leaving these painful muscles untreated for a long time is not your mistake.

People stretch to fix the problem. Why shouldn’t it work alone?


Many trainers suggest stretching to be the solution to eliminate the agony. But a few static stretches to lengthen the muscles wouldn’t be sufficient.

Since the area is buried under layers of the abdomen, it is challenging to reach even under hard training.

Hours of your stretching could not diminish the tightness though it gives some minimal effects.

While techniques from a specialist can help attack the muscles from different angles, the modalities don’t guarantee to unpack it squeeze.

What would be the solution then?

Here is my testimony:

I was looking for an adequate stretching exercise to release  my tight hip flexors. 

I got this strain when I slipped from the treadmill months ago during a train session. There was a stinging sensation popped in when I walked and did my basic activities.

I wasn’t able to sleep because of the acute pain around the right thigh, and the worse one was around the hips.

I came across this Unlock Hip Flexors program being skeptical. But since it’s pretty cheap, I didn’t mind being a guinea pig to test the techniques.

Back then, I was literally unconscious about the importance of the hip flexors.

After applying the ten exercises for the first time, a light pain from the previous injury emerged around my ankle, thigh, and hip. After a while, my stiff hip and the pain in the back decreased.

Though it’s not 100% gone, I can say I found a program that  truly works. 

Tada, now I bring it to you:  The Unlock Hip Flexor program: Unpack Your Tight Hips

This is nothing beyond the tolerance.

The pack consists of a compilation of knowledge and exercises to practice.

It comes with an e-book manual for download talks about how essential the hip flexors are as well as all pieces of information you never know about this psoas muscles. There are pictures of the right movements with a distill step-by-step guide to the most crucial elements.

A stack of instructive videos is also available in the order shows exactly how to attack that deep core effectively. You will find the content separate into two sections: The Coaching Instructional Video and the Follow Along.

You can get your copy from the official website at www.unlockmyhips.com

About the Author

Rick Kaselj

Mike Westerdal wrote this book based on his knowledge of years working a kinesiologist and injury specialist, Rick Kaselj who helped him to conquer his chronic shoulder pain and his wife’s discomfort in her hip.

Rick later developed the technique to help Critical Bench’s Head Strength Coach Chris Wilson to kiss his tight hip flexors goodbye.

His introduction and stories are written in the foreword where you can find the mutual problem that you are not facing alone.

A sneak-peak to the inside of the content

  • Demonstrations explicit in detail via shot videos of the co-author and mentor. Every single Key Move is invested with in-depth knowledge and easy-to-understand walk-through.
  • You will know exactly what’s happening to your hips and why it makes the body posture a key to performance. Knowing this gives you  the power of adjustment. 
  • The shocking impacts you never know on the psoas muscles that are the culprits of your daily suffering.
  • You will know how to switch off the “fat” mode that has been enabled by the natural survival response that forms your ugly belly. This bitter truth sounds crazy, but you will see it is  the key to weight loss. 
  • Learn how sitting has killed hip flexors and why even stop doing that isn’t a cure to sitting all day consequence.
  • You’ll be stunned to know what causes your psoas to malfunction even in a small impact. It is the crucial part because the bad always spread to form a compensation group making you aching every day.
  • It will wake you up from  the lure of intense core workouts.  It’s hurtful to know but what you once believed to be the savior turns out to damage you worse.
  • Your posture builds up trauma or injuries without your perception. The program will walk you out of that maze.
  • More knowledge about reversing the already ache to normal before it becomes permanent will kick you more into action.
  • “Comfort” and “Support” are our physiology’s enemies, and you will know why and how to turn it over with no help from cushion or pillow.
  • How tight hips drive your  sexual ability  down and the way to boost to summit again.
  • Learn how to relax your psoas by wiping off the negative thought of the agony.
  • And too much more to list out.

Unlock Your Hip Flexor 2.0 (Update) – Simple ways to make life easier

Since its release a long time ago, Unlock Your Hip Flexors program has been receiving lots of positive feedback from consumers all over the world.

That’s why the creators of this program decided to do something in tribute to their customers who have been supporting them from the very beginning: that is – giving this admired program an update.

Here is a true review of the Unlock Your Hip Flexors 2.0 by me: who no longer suffers from crazy hip flexor pains.

After the success of Unlock Your Hip Flexor, its update once again comes in PDF files, but with many new features. Stay tuned!

What is Unlock Your Hip Flexor 2.0?

Unlock Your Hip Flexor 2.0 is a fitness program created by Mike Westerdal and Rick Kaselj. Their aim was to make hip flexor pains go away by doing 10 simple exercises.

For those who might not know yet, the hip flexor muscles help to control your body, allowing you to bend, stretch, walk, sit and balance.

At the moment, your hip flexor might not be functioning properly without you even knowing it. Symptoms like back pain, chronic joint pain in your legs and hips, or worse, a weakened immune system, all can result from weak hip flexors.

For this reason, this program was carefully developed and written to help make your life better in certain ways. There are 6 different methods to ‘unlock the hip’ in this program:

  • PNF
  • Dynamic Stretching
  • Mobility Exercises
  • Fascia Stretches
  • Muscle Activation Movements
  • Core Stability Exercises

All six methods will be introduced to you via videos by Rick Kaselj – one of the two creators of Unlock Your Hip Flexor 2.0.

The program also comes along with 2 bonuses: Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings and 7-Day Anti-Inflammation Diet.


The price for everything, including the bonuses, is ONLY $10. This is fairly reasonable, given the results it can provide you with.

If you are not satisfied with the result, no need to worry because Unlock Your Hip Flexor 2.0 offers a 60-day refund guarantee.

Basically you can get your money back at any time within 60 days, and the price is is not even that high. So, what’s not to try?

Pros and Cons

  • Only having to spend 10 15 minutes a day
  • Reasonable price ($10)
  • Suitable for everyone
  • 60-day refund. No questions asked
  • Available in PDF files only
  • Need internet access

Is this program meant for you?

If you expect to surf on the couch watching the videos and reading the manual to repulse the twinge, you should not buy this program.

It requires consistency of doing the exercising every day in at least three weeks to see the outcome. Anyhow, you are the right candidate this program aim to. I recommend you order this program if:

  • You almost forgot the importance of stretching to gain more flexibility 
  • Your job demands you to sit all day long 
  • You were injured on the back, thigh or having a problem with your spine 
  • You are an athletic on harsh training 
  • You need to unlock your hips for more advanced sessions 

Well, needless to say, whether you are facing the problem or not, you will soon meet it unless you make no mistake in your daily routine which is likely to be close to zero.

I would say sooner or later; you will need this program, in detailed and updated.

If you wait for longer, hip ache won’t be your only ail, but also your wallet.

Is this program going to cost you a few hundred bucks?

Absolutely no. Not even close.

But you look at these HUGE bonuses first. They even cost more than the program itself.

Bonus #1: Unlock Your Tight Hamstring

You may not notice, but muscle tear is something likely to happen to everyone from an elite athletic to a two-baby-mom. It is when the hamstring gets tight causing the hips and pelvis to twist and flatten your lower back leading to the pain and ugly posture.

Improving muscle tissues to increase blood circulation sounds like a solution but is not always possible.

Knowing how to unlock these hamstrings, you can reverse the negative and loosen up the muscles for more relaxation and correct your posture.

Bonus #2: The 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet

This giveaway is a perfect companion for the Unlock Your Hips Flexors. While the main program focuses you on loosening hip tight, this second bonus guides you to a holistic diet to work along with the course.

Trying to avoid an unhealthy diet is not something you can do on your own, let alone having a strict eating schedule. You don’t want a moment of fickle determination; you fail the whole course and back to the sleepless nights in pain.

This e-book gives you tons of meal plans, and lists of supplements to benefit your aching elimination. It is filled with pieces of advice and tips to remove inflammation causing food.

You will be able to turn on your natural healing process plus the concise working out on unlocking your hip tight; the result isn’t far away.

The whole pack and bonuses are convincible for a high-priced tag.

Hold on!

What if I tell you, today, you only have to pay $10 to own everything?

YES. With $10, you can’t even get an hour with a professional coach. But this done-for-you package is offering you a real deal from genuine experts.

Tomorrow, the price will go up at $50 on regular. I’m sorry to say that, but the reward is only for fast acting. You should not lose $40 just when the night passes.

What I really love:

  Friendly language. The author is not trying to drive you nut with terminology

 Distill instruction. Very detailed and concentrated

 Valuable package including bonuses

 Exceptionally cheap

Full refund in 60 days. No Asked Question

What bothered me:

  PDF file needs a device to display. I prefer handling the printing version

  There are promoted add-on products. It is an understandable sale tactic

Go To Official Site

My final verdict

It’s fair to say that I love this program because it has saved me from  many disadvantages caused by the hip tight. 

I am glad that the course isn’t much on the marketing hype trying to brainwash you for some bucks.

It doesn’t promise an absolute outcome because it can’t manage the way you practice, but it does guarantee the result if you work the right direction.

Nevertheless, you can always hit the return button and 60 days are enough for you to testify to the product.

Take action and take control now  to regain your liveliness. 

I highly recommend using the Unlock Your Hip Flexor 2.0 program because it works for everybody including both professional or amateur athletes.

I used to have terrible back pains due to long working hours in front of the computer. After fully following this program, I must say 90% of my pain disappeared!

I’m no longer getting fed up with those back pains every morning when I get out of bed for work.

Unfortunately, Unlock Your Hip Flexor 2.0 won’t promise to give you instant result after 1 or 2 days of using. Why? Because it’s not a SCAM!

With only $10 for 10 video of exercises, I’m pretty sure they cannot make a lot of money out of this if it was a scam.

So, choose wisely. I already made up my mind, pressed the ‘Add to cart’ button and not a single day since then I regret doing that. Now it’s your turn!

Click in this link right here to check out their website.


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