The Big Diabetes Lie Review – How To Beat Diabetes Naturally

The Big Diabetes Lie Review – How To Beat Diabetes Naturally

You are about to discover an emerged news that has been covered for decades. A a piece of information that will change everyone’s life. What you’re going to read is stunning. A secret about diabetes has been revealed and you don’t want to miss it.

If you or anyone you know is suffering diabetes, you have to ring them now. Tell them that you got a good news. Millions of diabetic patients can be saved including your relatives, friends, parents or even yourself.

I have been there, I know how hurtful it is to see my beloved grandfather fighting diabetes and I never stop looking for hopes. So here I am, telling you a secret to the perfect health, a way out to live like everyone else, a solution to enjoy everything and   no more suffering the symptoms of diabetes. 

Turns out there’s a lot of great reviews about it so I purchased it myself and decided to give you guys my The Big Diabetes Lie Review.

I won’t keep you waited. Let’s go and find out what’s behind the wonder.

1/ Introduction 

the big diabetes lie review

A recent published book by Dr. Sidorov is making an alternation in our consciousness about diabetes. We will see how it changes what people thought in this “7 Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie” review.

My grandpa has been living with diabetes for nearly three decades. The other half of his life relies on prescription medicines, countless injections and blood tests. Current treatment costs not only money but also his joy of life.

American Diabetes Association released a study in 2018 claims that there are nearly  30 million diabetic patients  in the country receiving treatments.

In particular, Diabetes type 2 is mostly diagnosed in adults has a veiled number of people suffering it. It’s most likely that people let the disease grows without acknowledgment.

That would make the number of diabetic patient looks more severe.

However, the treatments we have all known and read about have buried people in disappointments.

The Hidden Deception:

It is said that there is hope for the suffering sick people but lies in far future. The wonder of current therapy has its limit; hence, there is no way, but patients have to live with the sickness alarmed about coming death in no time.

Nonetheless, someone has stood up to claim that we have been deceived by commercial pharmaceutical industry.

It is understandable that the medical companies don’t want to cut the profits come from selling diabetic drugs which cost billions of dollars.

Imagine if people with diabetes learn they can cure their illness  without medicine , there will be no more money to collect.


My family have thrived every way to make the situation better but we ended up realizing there is no cure existed. Medication slows down my grandfather’s ailment but we know it would not last long and make him suffer even worse.

I found this book as the last hope since the last piece of paper I read led to nothing but more generic advice. It turned out a book is something like no others and beyond my knowledge.

See what makes this book out of this world.

 You can get your copy from the official website at

2/ 7 Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie

This is the newest e-book written by Dr. Max Sidorov and his team about how medical experts have known the cure for diabetes and how to combat this disease without medication.

The book unveils the secrets to beat the affliction with no use of prescription drugs, insulin injections or surgery. It works particularly for diabetes Type 2 which people can self-eliminate in as little as three weeks.

The compassion from seeing people suffering this illness while treatment is right in front of them urges the author to grant his knowing.

You can be skeptical about the book, but there is doubtless reason to entrust the author about his expertise. You can actually go on  the author’s official website  to read two studies stated in the book.

Update: I found a discount code that you can use for your purchase in this link here.

3/ About the Author

Dr. Max Sidorov studied kinesiology yet working as a nutritionist and an entrepreneur.

His vision about health is a multidimensional understanding. Thus, he traveled the world to consult and learn from many health experts, scientists, and knowledgeable individuals.

Having been working and researching with diabetes long enough to become an expert in this field, Max and his team of medical professionals published this  500 page ebook. 

This proud piece of work cost him five years putting his heart into the pages. Max means to help his readers in establishing strategies to  fight for a better life. 

4/ Inside 7 Steps to Healthy and The Big Diabetes Lie

The Big Diabetes lie

 Diabetes type 2 is the disease results from the body’s inability to produce insulin.  What causes this lack has remained uncertain to us.

Type 1 comes from the dysfunction of the immune system as it fights against infection concurrently attacks the insulin-producing beta cells.

We know that Type 2 involves genetics and lifestyle habit are the internal factors play roles in the cause.

Sidorov addresses in his book that the contribution of junk food, refined flour, and sugar elevates the rise of the systematic inflammation. Obesity is one obvious outcome resulting in our body being vulnerable to the LTB4.

The book layouts 20 chapters helping you get in charge one of the factors that cause diabetes. It includes diabetic symptoms, the causes and how to reverse.

There is a reason why this program is simply better than others, because it went down to the root of the problem and helped you realize ‘Ah! So this is the problem!’.

Taking the truth that there is no magic cure for diabetes exist, but people can absolutely rise awareness in bringing the techniques to boost   the body’s natural insulin levels.  It thus helps the patients bring diabetes under control.

The technique involves identifying food that can help normalize blood sugar levels. In addition, it suggests changes in lifestyle and recommends the diet that never published anywhere.

Take a look at what you will find in the book:

The alleged assumption

This part discusses the secret we most care about that brought take-down orders and warnings to the ICTM where the author and his team work.

The book explains why pharmaceutical companies suppress information on controlling diabetes type 2 for decades.

Sidorov and his partners make a number of allegations that these companies are behind the conspiracy to thwart patients from the natural cures.

Note: this is the author’s assertion with has not been proven. Readers have all the right to place their beliefs.

You will learn the ugly truth and the effective remedies at the same time. But most importantly, there are ways to cope with the disease with budget and enjoyment.

Foods to avoid

If you’ve thought that diet foods would counteract the sugar rush, it’s not true.

After reading this book, you will understand how crucial it is to balance and maximize your hormonal and nutritional health, which contributes  to reducing the lack of insulin – the MAIN cause to diabetes.

You can find shreds of evidence in the book that artificial sweeteners and such foods claim “Diet” like diet soda, and margarine are making the situation worse.

In fact, these foods are more susceptible to the symptoms.  They cause an imbalance in your sugar levels.  In the book, you will find alternatives for what you thought once was good.

Surprisingly, the replacements are around us in any grocery store, but we never know what quantity to focus on.

It indicates the foods that work double the chance to kiss the medication goodbye. You will never know there is such food to help you  end the insulin injections  but still keep your blood sugar level stable.


Nutrition is one important factor when it comes to reversing diabetes type 2. With good nutrition,  you can not only reverse diabetes but you can also avoid it!

The nutrition section provides you knowledge about the danger of fillers, preservatives, artificial colors and sweeteners.

Besides, it helps you sort out the vitamins, proteins, minerals contained in several food sources that will benefit your diet.

Furthermore, not every fat you hear from the commercials in the processed food is healthy. One section in the book will show you what fat is good and what is not.

Fat we used to think benefits our health turns out to be hurt more than help. Sidorov will explain why these fats are not working and further reveal his studies about this substance in many types of food.

Also, you will find out how the additives have been tricking your brain about the fake calories intake, how sweeteners in zero calorie drink make up your pounds. And many more to learn.

Medicine from food

Nature has its cure for most illnesses. There is food the diabetics can eat to stabilize glucose levels. Researches in the book say that these foods are ten times more  beneficial than the drugs  in the prescriptions.

Foods that can boost your immune system naturally are among the ingredients you choose. But you need the knowledge to provide adequate dosage as well as cook them in the right way that won’t destroy their nutritious value.

The book suggests a various option for your meals, so it doesn’t become boring in term of diet. It tells you what food to eliminate and what to keep.

In support of changing your eating habit, you will learn how to adapt to live better. Since lifestyle affects the disease, it is rigidity you need to follow.

Problematic foods elimination

If you ever gave the meter some blood and it told your blood glucose is, say, 250 that freaked you out, well that is the so-called INFLAMMATION.

The number doesn’t say you have diabetes. It is the insulin resistance that leads to high blood sugar and diabetes. Such resistant happens when a molecule called LTB4 gets inflamed.

This means you can never heal your diabetes by injecting insulin and maintaining your sugar levels with drugs.

Medication provides merely a temporary solution to calm the symptoms. It never treats the root cause of diabetes.

You can imagine it’s similar to beating flu with antibiotics. The flu never goes away because the medicine never finds the root of the cause but treats your fever and nostril alone. That is why bacteria keep growing to defend our newest antibiotics.

The same happens for diabetes except it has no bacteria to grow.

Modern medical science hasn’t found any solution to swipe the cause completely out. We are just leaning on lessening what’s hurting us.

The good news is the foods we are eating own the ability to find the root and support  the eliminating process.  You can find all that in this book.

Prescription medications warning

Sidorov also raises an alarm in taking advantage of the diabetes drugs.

Our bodies are built to resist foreign intakes that are considered plethora. Medicine consume urges the immunity to get stronger. This build-up leads to more dosage needed that will never suffice.

Patients would face other side effects that are worse than the primary disease. The “slight” effects include high blood pressure, stroke, amputations, and coma; while “worst” ones name cancer risks or shock to death.


When buying this program, you will also receive some FREE bonuses along with the book. The most important one, as I think, is the Amazing Health From Water.

This book encourages you to live a better, healthier lifestyle. In this book, you will learn about how essential water is to us, since the human body already contains 70% of water.

It will show you how drinking enough water other than carbonated drinks like coke can provide you with many positive effects.

So, don’t forget to get hydrated people!

Other bonuses you will get after purchasing The Big Diabetes and 7 Steps To Health eBook are:

  • 7 Steps To Health Nutrition
  • The Secrets Of Antioxidants
  • Miracle Of Sleep
  • MSG And Your Health

5/ Who needs this book?

In a world filled with industrial food, fast food, canned food, and other processed food, everyone faces the chance of diabetes.

Patients who are tired of hopeless treatments like ingesting medicines and needling insulin once in a while, this book may be in help.

The book brings knowledge not only to the diabetics but also to healthy people. Diabetic patients benefit the best out of what written whereas the healthy ones can read to consult their relationships.

Needless to say, everyone who reads this book will find  helpful information  in every aspect. If you don’t have diabetes, you can extract the advice of picking the right food to  prevent the disease  as much as possible.

You will discover a whole lot of health recommendations from professional nutritionists, doctors, and medical experts the author refers.

6/ Why do you need to buy this book?

It is not anything you can find on the shelves of any bookstore. Think about what you can save. A few bucks for a book  that saves you tons of money to: 

  • Monitor blood sugar 
  • Inject insulin 
  • Consult doctors 
  • Avoid other potent diseases like heart disease, strokes, high cholesterol, and many more ailments. 

Within a few bucks, you can have a book evaluated by health experts and doctors, not something of generic information gathered from different sources.

Many professionals advised the author to charge five times more than what it costs now. The people who work on this book don’t aim to become rich by selling it; they aim to save lives.

Right now, you get a bargain price at $37 for the e-book copy and $54.39 for the paperback to stand on your shelf. This price tag will go up any time soon when the demands need more copies, thus more operation fees.

Things you will learn from this book

  • Real causes of diabetes
  • What foods are best for your diabetes reversing process and what foods to avoid
  • Lose weight in an easy way while getting your blood sugar level under control
  • How to cement your immune system better

Pros and Cons


  • This program has well-organized contents 
  • It provides consumers with lots of useful, UNKNOWN information
  • It’s easy to download and simple to use
  • It offers a 60-day refund. No  question asked


  • It can only be purchased via Clickbank
  • It comes in PDF file, which mean you can only read it on certain devices

1. Is there any bonus comes with the purchase?

A: The book itself is more than a bonus can offer. But you are not alone. You will get 30-day email help for free to ask any question related to diabetes. The experts will be there to give extra advice and guidance to help you battle the disease.

2. Is this a SCAM? Is the author a SCAMMER?

A: You can trust products powered by Clickbank for publishers had to go through Assessment and Accreditation to be listed. Plus, your secured payment is handled by Clickbank, there is no way a Scammer can pocket your money if you hit the unsatisfied button. You don’t have to worry about the money since this product comes with 60-day money back guarantee.

Go To Official Site

Final thoughts

In this 7 Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie review, it doesn’t suggest any peculiar cure nor annihilating diabetes in a finger snap. So, don’t switch to any regimen or change your medications without  your physician’s guidance. 

If all the information above is not enough to convince you, here is a Preview of this e-book to nail down your determination.

Many comments claimed that the book is worth its value. You will be the next one who drops the positive feedback. Go To Official Site to get your copy and regain your life from diabetes.


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