What is The Best Way to Lose Weight Naturally and Effectively?

What is The Best Way to Lose Weight Naturally and Effectively?

Hello everyone,

I know this topic is too familiar with you. There are hundreds of natural ways to control your weight but not all these is easy to follow and lead to the good results in a short time.

The fact is that lots of people give up the game and turned to use multitude types of diet pills.


This is not sustainable in the long term because if you don’t have the healthy diet and workout plans, you will gain weight again. I experienced this before.

I relied on the weight loss pills too much so not only didn’t I lose any pounds, but also I had severe liver and kidney problems.

Luckily, I found a great way to manage my weight without using any diet pills. It is totally natural.

That is…

Eat Clean & GM diet.

This method helped me lose 18 pounds in 7 days. And more importantly, I felt very comfortable when following it. Believe that?

And now, I will tell you about the advantages of this amazing method.

What is Eat Clean & GM Diet?

First, Eat Clean:

It is a diet that focuses on healthy and “pure natural” food groups. These groups contain no or little human-made ingredients such as spices, preservatives, and colorings.

It sounds excellent, right?

Well, Eat Clean diet has the effects of purifying your body so it  provides enough energy for your body to work and even flush out toxins.

Not just that, a diet rich in green vegetables and fruits has several health benefits including:

  1. Lose weight quickly
  2. Keep skin and hair healthy
  3. Decrease the risk of colorectal cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
  4. Many more

Second, GM Diet (General Motor Diet):

If the Eat Clean diet brings about positive changes in the long run and is considered as a healthy lifestyle, the GM diet provides the immediate results, reducing from 10 to 18 pounds in just one week.

And, this focuses on eating only fruits, vegetables, husked rice (brown rice) and chicken within a week.

This diet helps to lose weight by forcing you to eat mostly complex carbohydrates and less calories as well as increase your water supply in 7 days.

If you want to know what I did in 7 days to lose 18 pounds, continue reading this because the most important part is going to be shown below.

My Meal Plan for Weight Loss: A 7-Day Kickstart with GM Diet

Day 1: Fruits ONLY, except for banana.

In the first day of GM diet, I ate kiwi, butter, strawberry, black grapes and water apple comfortably. Why didn’t I eat banana at this time?

Health experts say that bananas are very acidic and they contain nearly 25% sugar, so it will hurt my stomach.

Also, you can choose more fruits containing calories and a significant amount of fibre like Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Apple, Orange, Papaya, etc. so that you do not  feel hungry and provide your body with enough vitamins.

Note: Don’t add any other kinds of food into your meal.

One of the most special things of GM diet is that you have to drink more water. Provide enough 2-3 liters everyday to detoxify your body!

Day 2: Vegetables only.

If you are free to eat fruits you like on the first day, it’s time to move onto vegetables.

In this day, I ate carrot, beans, tomato, cucumber, cabbage and lettuce.

However, these contain few calories so I felt very tired in the afternoon.

But, don’t worry!

Your body will gradually adapt in the following days.

Honestly, I go without food very bad but I did it and so will you. Try harder!

You can eat raw or processed vegetables to make them easier to eat. Also, limit the use of cooking oil  and don’t forget to drink 8 – 12 glasses of water (2-3 liters) everyday.

Day 3: Vegetables and fruits

The combination of the first two days made my menu more diverse.

Furthermore, the sugar in fruit alleviated my discomfort in the previous day.

Besides, you can comfortably eat any vegetables you want except for banana and potato.

And, drink enough water on this day.

Day 4: Banana and Milk

8 – 10 bananas, 4 cups of skim milk (220ml for each) and 2-3 liters of water were all I needed to eat on the fourth day.

Note: You should divide your time to eat bananas and drink milk throughout the day logically so you don’t feel hungry and tired.

If you can’t eat bananas, you can replace them with sweet figs. Do the same with milk, bear in mind that soy milk is a perfect alternative for you.

Day 5: Rice (or chicken or fish) and tomato

If you cross over the fourth day, you come within measurable distance of success.

It couldn’t be denied that I came close to giving up. You know, a fast of four days will increase a body’s production of cortisol.

This hormone not only whets your appetite, but also makes you leptin-resistant.

And I thought that I couldn’t overcome myself. But, everything was all right when seeing this photo.

Are you laughing at me?

Well, you should do this to have more motivation. Aha!

On the 5th day, you eat 6 big tomatoes, a bowl of brown rice (can be replaced with 500gr of skinless chicken or fish) and drink 12-15 cups of water (3-4 liters of water).

And if you don’t like to eat tomatoes, you can eat carrots or guavas as a great replacement.

Day 6: Rice and Vegetables

You eat a bowl of brown rice (can be replaced with 500 grams of skinless chicken or fish) only and any green vegetables you like with an unlimited quantity.

You should eat raw, boiled vegetables and limit oil-based sauces if it is a salad.

Day 7: Rice, Vegetables and fruits

Congratulations! You reach the end of the journey.

I welcomed this day with an exciting feeling. I saw my body was much lighter than before and I lost 18 pounds when putting my feet on the scale. I could have burst with joy.

The menu was the same as the sixth day and I indulged myself with a glass of sugar-free fruit juice after every meal.

Also, you can do this at snacks.

Important Notes about the GM Diet

  1. Just apply this diet for exactly 7 days. And after finishing the plan, continue with the Eat Clean diet as I mentioned above. Try to make it a routine!
  2. You can do some light exercises like Yoga, Pilates, etc. while applying the GM diet to get the best effect.
  3. To take up this way to lose weight successfully, you have to be consistent. People say that winning yourself is the most glorious victory.
  4. This diet is not for those who have poor health.

Close The Subject

Hope with my share of The Easy Clean & GM Diet, you can follow everything in the right way and have a more scientific eating habit.

If any questions asked, leave your comments below and I will try my best to answer them as soon as possible.

Love you and see you later!


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