How To Cure Diabetes In A Natural Way?

How To Cure Diabetes In A Natural Way?

The world has got more familiar with diabetes since its rate of affected patients has never dropped. Scientists thrive for a cure in years but that is something we can expect to happen in the future.

While how to cure diabetes appears to be an unsolved problem in the meantime, people look forward to the help of mother nature.

Apart from diabetes is being treated with medication and injected insulin, the most effective way seems to lie on the lifestyle and eating habit.

Learn more about this illness and the natural remedy for the diabetics while waiting for magic from  the modern medical industry. 

What is diabetes and how it impairs your body?

Diabetes is the dysfunction of the body to transport sugar from the blood into cells. While glucose in food supposed to be in use to generate energy for the body, it stacks in the blood leading the excessive amount of sugar in your body.

The cause is believed to be the absence of insulin produced to transform sugar that leads to the outcome of diabetes.

If you leave the ailment untreated, the high sugar in the blood can injure your nerves and harm the vessels which will impede the bloodstream.

The internal damage will affect your vision, kidneys; what’s worse is it can destroy brain cells. Beyond the defection of health, you may risk your life in the  high chance of heart disease. 

Diabetes also brings inconveniences to your daily life. It provides an ideal environment for bacteria and virus to grow. That is why your injuries will  take longer than usual to heal.  

Types of diabetes

There are two types of diabetes. The distinctions vary in symptoms and the cause.

Type 1

Type 1 is a chronic condition where the pancreas is unable to produce insulin or produce an insufficient amount.

Many factors can contribute to the cause of type 1,  including genetic and virus.  It can appear during childhood; in other cases, it grows in adults.

There are signs to tell that a person is being affected are frequent thirst and urination, accidents on the bed, weak feeling, unstable mood, and blurred vision.

Due to the permanent presence of sick genetic, there is no cure available for this type. The current treatment focuses on injecting insulin to  manage blood sugar levels  and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Type 2

Type 2 diabetics are people who resist to insulin produced by the pancreas.

In particular, when the cells don’t accept the glucose transformed to generate energy, the substance becomes stagnant in your blood causing a high level of sugar leading to diabetes.

Though this type is more common in adult, a recent report has shown that it’s invading children as a consequence of poorly processed and junk food consumed.

The causes

While type 1 is inevitable to the patients, this brother type can be gained from the living environment as well as heredity.


Studies have shown that a genetic factor has a link to diabetes type 2. It is possibly the adding up mutated genes prevent the cells from absorbing sugar.

Though not all who carry mutations will get the disease, there are outside influences to blame.

These mutations are passed from your predecessors later interact with the living environment increase your risk of getting diabetes.


People who carry the extra pounds around meet a high chance of diabetes.  The overweight  puts stress on the membranous network inside the cells.

When supplied nutrients go over the fence, this system signals the cells to stifle the insulin receptor. But somehow, this message gets translated into insulin resistance.

Thus, the sugar generated has nowhere to go but heap up in blood and  raises the level of glucose in the blood. 

Metabolic malfunction

There are glucose stored in your liver. When the sugar in the blood is low, the liver will send the substance out, but you have consumed more sugar. In normal condition, the liver will stop releasing sugar, but somehow it keeps cranking out the molecules.

False communication between cells

Your cells sometimes send and receive wrong messages that create a chain of reaction to make and use insulin and sugar. The continuous behavior leads to stacking up more sugar in the blood causing the sickness.

The symptoms

The signs appeared can be mild and unnoticeable. You may not know what is happening to the body unless having a check-up.

Signs of diabetes can come in silence. If you have any of these symptoms, rush to your doctor to test your blood as soon as possible.

  • Feel very thirsty
  • Urinate more than normal
  • Blurry eyesight
  • Uncomfortable mood
  • Feeling worn out
  • Wounds not healing fast
  • Easy to catch an infection

Is there a cure for diabetes?

Unfortunately, no cure at the moment for both type.

Most diabetic patients type 1 seek help in the artificial insulin pumps or injections to lower their blood levels. In the condition of the insulin not taken by the body, type 2 diabetics can use oral medications alone.

Generally, insulin injection is a class of hormones works in removing sugar from the blood into the tissues where it will be used to produce energy. The treatment also halts liver from sending out sugar.

However, the solution seems to be temporary in a sense to make patients’ lives more comfortable. In contrast, it bothers your liveliness, puts you on weight, attacks the other organs’ health and gets you on a medical dependence.

The consequence of using medications can be effective in term of controlling the levels of sugar, but not permanently. It is a quick option but not on the bright to maintain.

Would there be any alteration that gives hope to diabetic patients?

If you ask your doctor how do you bring down blood sugar quickly, you probably get a prescription for long-term use.

Good news for patients with type 2 that is they can work on changing the way they live, diet and exercise to reverse the condition.

We will focus on the natural treatment for this type.

Let’s see how expert advice the community to kiss goodbye to medication.

How to cure diabetes with no use of drugs

The best plan to turn over diabetes is a combination of changing living habit and diet.

Theoretically, if you know which food to eat and which to avoid, you can take charge of the amount of sugar ingested.

Furthermore, make your muscles work to improve blood circulation contributes a great advantage in lifting up your immune system against the sickness.

Take those into practice; you will be able to put the ailment in repulse.

Remove unsuitable food

There are certain foods that directly affect your sugar level. Eliminate them in your daily diet will help to consume less glucose.

Refined sugar

This form of sugar elevates glucose in your blood to the extreme. It is among the worst culprit that spike blood glucose. The kind that contained in artificially sweetened beverages should be completely eradicated.

Natural food like honey and maple syrup still cause the elevation of sugar. Make sure you don’t use it regularly in your diet recipes.

In this case, the best selection should lean on the stevia. This natural sweetener preferred in South America provides a similar taste while ensuring the lowest impact.


Food like wheat contains a lot of carbohydrates that can be broken down into sugar can cause intestinal inflammation. This reaction triggers cortisol and leptin to crank up sugar levels.

That is why you have to remove all grains from your meals. Do this for 90 days so that your body can get used to the change. Then, bring back the sprouted ancient grains in a small amount.

Dairy product

Leave no more conventional cow milk in your diet. Dairy from this animal consists A1 casein that stimulates the immune system to respond.

If milk is indispensable in your diet, make sure you choose the raw or organic product produced from pasture farms. Any dairy product made from goat’s milk, sheep or A2 cows are recommended to treat diabetes at home.


This liver toxin is what you should stay away from. 43% incidence of diabetes have a link with heavy alcohol consumption. Beer and sweet liquor have a high concentration of carbohydrate that increases blood sugar.

Three or more glasses a day will make your way to diabetes closer.

Other types of food

GMO corns, soybean and canola products are discovered to promote diabetes via kidney and liver disease. Hydrogenated oil or rancid oils can be the perpetrator in causing your diabetes.

Remove oils from vegetable, soybean, canola, and cottonseed that contain bleaching agents and artificial dyes will widen your door to a healthy life.

Add incorporate food

What food to eat to reverse diabetes type 2?

These suggestions can apply not only for the diabetics type 2 but also for healthy people who seek to prevent prediabetes.

High fiber food

This type of food helps retard sugar absorption and supports detoxification.

Consume fiber-rich food come from vegetables like the bean sprout, peas or artichokes; fruit like avocados and berries; seeds and nuts are the best among the options.

Add about 30 grams to your daily meals can regulate the sugar level in blood.

Chromium-rich foods

High chromium foods enhance the glucose tolerance factor as well as act as a pathway to deliver sugar to cells. It has a role in carbohydrate metabolism.

Broccoli, raw cheese, beef, green beans, and brewer’s yeast are great sources for chromium nutrient.

Food high in magnesium

This substance is responsible for glucose metabolism. Deficiency in magnesium puts a higher chance of diabetes.

Treat the type 2 symptoms with magnesium supplement from spinach, celery, almond seeds, pumpkin seeds, and yogurt.

Fat and protein

Balance out your sugar levels using coconut milk, fat from ghee or grass-fed cow butter gives your body fuel to function while preventing the severe impact.

Low carb diet is what nutritionists recommend to improve the symptoms. You should also focus on eating clean protein extracted from wild fish, organic meat, eggs and broth stewed from bones.

Those foods benefit in altering diabetes. It also supports people on track losing weight.

Weight loss is crucial in diabetes remission that will help you to kiss medication goodbye perpetually.

But that’s only one condition. Improving your quality of life is a resonant factor to become independent from the pills.

Lifestyle change

No one can deny the positive impact of exercise. It shrinks down chronic disease thus reverse diabetes naturally without medication.

Can it help to cure diabetes type 2?

It’s not a cure, but it can improve your health condition and cause the disease to step backward.

Working out burns fat and builds lean muscles. It helps improving blood circulation and controls your glucose levels in the blood.

It doesn’t mean you need to push hard in the gym to be effective. Do the physical activity on a routine like walking for half an hour, practicing yoga, or stretching adds a plus to the reversal.

You can try an interval training cardio about five days a week in 30 days to see the betterment.

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Final thoughts

We can expect human intelligence to invent a cure for diabetes in the near future. But before that time, raise your awareness this disease, protect your health before the bad happens.

For diabetes, the best treatment may not come from medicine, but nature and your fortitude.

By changing the diet and indulge into a healthy lifestyle, stay away from unsuitable food, you will be able to prevent and delay diabetes.

Healthy people should take the warning about diabetes serious. Don’t wait until you get diagnosed to run for the regime. Follow the instruction to protect the health of yours and your family.


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