How To Lose Weight With The Cinderella Solution: Comprehensive Review

How To Lose Weight With The Cinderella Solution: Comprehensive Review

Are you tired of failing to lose weight for so many times? Do you worry about the risk of falling into a coma at any moment, or worse, pre-diabetes? Well, there’s a way out! Read this review of the Cinderella solution, which guarantee to help you get in shape in no time.

The Creator Of The Cinderella Solution

Carly Donovan was just an ordinary woman like anyone of us. She suffered from something called Female-only Fault-line, which usually triggers in your early 20’s, making your body crave to gain weight in the next 30 years!

Carly used to weigh more than 209 pounds, and it was insane at that time. Things got worse when she fell into a coma and was thought to never wake up again.

Magically, her story didn’t end that day. After being hooked up to tubes on the hospital bed, she survived, and for some reasons, something has triggered a flood of the so-called weight-loss doubling molecule. It was known to be inactive inside even the most stubborn female metabolism, causing Carly’s dramatic weight gain.

But that coma happened to Carly for a reason. It was an alert to tell her that it was time to write a new chapter to this saturated body with almost 100 pounds of excess fat. It is time to put an end to days of feeling anxiety, shame, and misery.

She was concerned about her failing metabolism and decided to find a proper treatment. After a while, she created The Cinderella Solution – a new chance to change the lives of women who want to reclaim control over their bodies and their health.

You can get your copy from the official website at

About The Cinderella Solution

So, I guess you are all wondering what this solution actually do to help you. Well, I’m going to tell you now.

The Cinderella Solution is a series of eBooks that comes in PDF format, created by Carly Donovan to help women lose weight. After purchasing, it can be downloaded immediately to any kind of device you have, whether it’s a PC, laptop, or iPad, which makes it so convenient for you to use.

Cinderella Solution Review

The program itself basically offers you ways of changing your eating habits, mostly based on Carly’s observations on how people from different countries eat.

After purchasing, you will receive the following books and bonuses:

  • Cinderella Solution Main Book and Owner’s Manual
  • Cinderella Solution Quick Start Guide
  • The Cinderella Accelerator – 21 Day Kickstart Guide (added recently)
  • Movement Sequencing Guide
  • Cinderella Exercise Database – videos for 60 exercises

How Does the Program Work?

Carly created this program for women who are in the phase of puberty and menopause. The program focuses mostly on the ICE Dysfunction, which resolves the idea that the insulin, cortisol, and estrogen hormones are sometimes not produced enough, creating a lack of these hormones to our bodies.

This is because the puberty, and perimenopause are usually the culprit behind the disrupted metabolism function. Carly herself, lost 100 pounds, 12 dress sizes, and 23 inches off her waist using the 160-year-old ‘flavor-pairing’ ritual mentioned in this Cinderella solution.

In short, this program shows women who are having trouble with their weights on how to lose way easily and live longer, just by eating healthy and doing exercises (optional).

Once you start to use this program, you should experience:

  • weight loss in a short time with little effort
  • metabolism change considerably (in a good way)
  • having more energy
  • looking younger
  • improvement in your sex drive

Your Daily Nutrition Blueprint

This program has two 14-day phases – the Ignite and the Launch. Depending on how much you want to change yourself, you can do this program over and over again until you reach the target.

The Ignite allows you to have three meals a day, just like usual, but with a few restrictions of what you can eat. This is one of the first steps to renew your eating habit and get you prepared for the Launch.

In the Launch, you will add one more meal to your daily routine, making it four meals a day. It gets easier in the Launch because you will be allowed to eat the foods restricted during the Ignite.

What so special about the Cinderella solution is that the creators applied something called the ‘food-pairing’ ritual to their program. So, what is ‘food-pairing’?

‘Food-pairing’ are pairs of certain food or ingredients that the creator believe they can support the weight loss process once paired together.

The ‘food-pairing’ section is included in each of the books in the program, incorporating an essential part in the main program itself.

Your optional workouts

About the exercises, they come in the Movement Sequence Guide, and are optional, so you can choose whether to do them or not. If you decide to exercise, it will speed up your progress and help you accomplish your dream faster. Also, exercising is a good way to relieve stress.

The workout usually lasts about 8-20 minutes, depending on your strength and endurance; but I think most of you can do these exercises, since they were specially designed for female metabolism, unlike those intense cardio or HIIT workouts.

It is possible for you to work out at home with tools you can easily get like light dumbbells, resistance bands, and an exercise mat as well. A stability ball is optional, but I suggest you get it because personally, I really like doing exercises with the stability ball. It can help you strengthen your core, improve your balance as well as spinal stability.

There have been some changes to the Cinderella program recently, of course, for the better. What they did was mostly adding more pages to the previous books, which makes it longer and well-organized.

Other than that, everything else stays the same. You might think bonuses aren’t really useful, but they will come in handy once you start taking this program, trust me on this.

The lessons include

The Cinderella solution will also teach you lessons about how the body works and nutrition facts you may not know before. Some of the lessons include:

  • How to overcome the cravings you have for junk food
  • Healthy spices you can add to make your food taste better and also help with the weight loss process
  • When is the best time to have alcohol during the day without gaining weight
  • Why desserts are actually good for weight loss

and many more beneficial lessons that you can learn from this program.

Pricing And Customer Support

Cinderella solution Review

The price for everything, including bonuses is $37. The good news is the website often has discounts as well, so it doesn’t always cost $37. To me, the price is fairly reasonable, given the result you can get from this program, and how well-written and unique the content is, it is sure to be worth your money.

What is more, you will be offered a 60-day refund if this program doesn’t give the results you’re looking for.

And if you have any questions about this program, or there are things you don’t understand, just fill  in a form on their website and send it. The customer support department is always there to listen to your problems.

Cinderella Solution Review

What I really love:

  • Well-organized sections in the books with unique content
  • Quality videos on how the exercises should be done
  • Useful yet delicious meal preps and recipes
  • Reasonable price
  • No shipping fee since it comes as an ebook
  • 60-day refund guarantee

What bothered me:

  • It comes as PDF files, so you can only use it on certain device
  • The Nutrition Guide is no longer available in this version
  • It can only be paid via Clickbank

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What am I buying?

A program that includes books and bonuses providing you with knowledge about female metabolism, ways to have a healthy eating habit, and the most important thing, easy ways to lose weight.

Does it have any side effects?

The Cinderella solution is a complete natural protocol of cellulite elimination. It is based mostly on simple ‘food-pairing’ ritual created by the locals on an island, who are known for the longest life expectancy and great resistance to disease.

However, if you have any problems with your physical health, you should seek advice from your doctor before taking this program. After all, your health is still the most important thing.

Will my purchase be secure?

All purchases are processed through an online retailer of digital products who has been processing thousands and thousands of online transactions via a security system similar to the one used by your local bank.

Yes, your purchasing data will absolutely be safe with the Cinderella solution.

How do I know whether it will work for me?

Doing lots of research on this program as well as spending some time reading customers reviews may help. Who knows? Maybe you will find someone that has similar body type to ask how they succeeded in losing weight with this protocol.

Also, make sure this program suits your lifestyle and daily habits. Some people don’t have enough time to make meals for themselves, but it is required that you prepare your meals following the recipes in this program.

Does the Cinderella solution really work?

This is the most asked questions among all the questions I have received.

This program has been around long enough to guarantee its benefits to consumers. Since every person is a different individual, you should try out this program yourself to see how amazing it is.

The result may come slow, but it will definitely be there. In addition, the Cinderella solution has continually received positive feedback from women all over the world. For this reason, there is no doubt that consumers are pleased with the achievements they get from this program.

Who can use this program?

Any women can use this program. Whether you’re struggling to lose some weight, or you simply just want to have a healthier lifestyle, this program is for you.

Is the Cinderella solution a scam?

This is a big question.

And here’s the answer. The Cinderella solution is NOT a scam. It was created by an ordinary woman, just like anyone of us, who found her way to change herself and wanted to share her path with us, with women who are also having trouble with their weights.

All women deserve to be loved. All women deserve to live in the fairy tale we all dreamed about when we were kids. That is why Carly named her program ‘The Cinderella Solution’.

She knew what it was like to be so ashamed of your weight, to feel so insecure about your body, and to exercise continuously but all for nothing. 

She succeeded in transforming into a better version of herself. Now it’s your turn. Press the ‘Add to cart’ button today, and change your life forever.

And if this program doesn’t work for you, or you are not satisfied with the result, you can always return it and get your money back within 60 days.

My Final Verdict

The Cinderella solution was meant for women from the age of 12 to 50, on how to lose weight without having to do exhausting yet worthless exercises or forcing yourself to follow strict diets.

The whole protocol is not too long to follow. With only 28 days of doing 2 simple steps, you are guaranteed to an ideal body.

Ready to give it a try? Click in this link right here!




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