About Me

Welcome and hello! My name is Lucy Elena, I work as a health & nutrition coach. Many Years Ago, like every single woman in my generation, I used to feel so ashamed of my body for the additional weight I am having.

One day, my best friend convinced me to start an intensive training system with her so that I can feel confident in myself again. I have tried and failed many times, but I did not give up. Even though there are tough times, I managed to overcome all the barriers.

After I succeeded in losing weight, I wanted to find out more about how to keep a good shape and maintain healthy daily habits. I have become interested in learning about fitness, yoga, and health training. That is the reason why I have come up with this blog.

My blog was created with a view to ensuring that my readers will never have to feel stressed about your fitness, nutrition, and health. Specifically, I work and compile essential knowledge and information with the world’s experts in order to provide you with helpful answers.

No matter what your goal is, ranging from gaining muscles, eating healthier, living longer, and so on, you can always find the solutions to your own problems here. Good health is the process of accessing appropriate information, along with a clear roadmap of what you have to do during the time.

Even though fitness is a trending topic on the Internet, you are likely to be overwhelmed by too many ideas and information. Therefore, your issues motivate us to come up with the answers that you need. My blog was born as a result.

What Makes My Blog Special?

Obtaining good health is not just about a diet, going to the gym, and so on. Within this blog, I focus on providing readers with a complete control over their activities.

First of all, I believe that mindset plays a very important role. Particularly, it makes sure that you care about your own body and do something to save it from being damaged. By shaping your mindset, you can live a much longer life and take care of the people that you love.

Besides, we also have our own source of preferences. Nevertheless, what I want to say is that there is a wide variety of approaches to good health. My job is to point out a suitable direction for your body and your life.

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